Equine Worm Care Package

The Kernow Equine Worm Care Package - Just £65 A Year!

What should I worm my horse with?

Resistance to worming products is becoming an increasing problem for horse owners and vets.

Kernow Equine can take the worry out of worming as we provide your horse with a tailored care package following current best practice guidelines. Our worm care package helps prevent resistance and could save you money too!

The question we should be asking is “does my horse need to be wormed?” rather than what we should be worming with.

Our worm care package has been designed by our vets to provide the answer to your worming worries.

We know you, your horse and your yard.

What’s included...

  • Three faecal worm counts - to find out if your horse has worms or not
  • Discounted wormers - if your worm count is positive you will get access to discounted worming products
  • One free Wormer - to be given during the winter months
  • Free worm egg count reduction tests
  • Worming and Pasture Management advice - a vet will discuss the results of the worm counts and make a recommendation for treatment based on your horse’s results
  • A weigh tape

The worm care package gives you access to expert advice, tailored to your horses specific needs. We take the worry out of worming, worms are kept under control helping to keep your horses healthy and active.

*Please note that this offer isn't valid for those under the age of 4  
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