AI Package 2023

Chilled Semen Artificial Insemination (AI) Package

First insemination fixed fee £385 + VAT per cycle

Subsequent Cycle - £350+VAT

This fee includes:

  • Initial assessment including examination of the external and internal reproductive tract, and ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • Reproductive drugs – a prostaglandin injection and 1 ovulation induction agent to help control the timing of ovulation if necessary
  • All gynaecological examinations to ensure insemination at the optimum time
  • Insemination and semen evaluation for morphology and motility
  • All associated paperwork
  • Post insemination examination/ovulation checks and reproductive treatment to include 1 uterine lavage and oxytocin.
  • Pregnancy Ultrasounds post service: at around 14-16 days to confirm pregnancy/twins + 28-30 days heart beat scan
  • If the mare is not pregnant after her first insemination, then this process can be repeated at a reduced cost of £350 + VAT

This fee does NOT INCLUDE:

  • Visit fees – cannot be used in conjunction with visit days
  • Medicines, tests or sedatives other than those listed above (such as CEM swabs)
  • Sedation – if it is deemed necessary for the safety of the horse and the veterinary surgeon then mares will be sedated for reproductive work
  • Regumate is not included
  • Caslick procedures (temporary or permanent)
  • Twin reduction procedure or subsequent ultrasounds
  • Endometrial swabbing, biopsies and treatment of any post breeding endometritis
  • External Laboratory Fees Including CEM Swabs, Endometrial Swabs and EVA Bloods
  • Any reproductive scans in addition to the 2 pregnancy scans following breeding
  • Cost of semen and delivery (to be arranged with stallion/stud owner)
  • Container shipping fees
  • Any routine treatments unrelated to breeding
  • Out of hours veterinary attendance ie after 5.30pm and before 8:30am Monday to Friday; before 8:30am and after 12pm Saturday; all day Sunday.
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