AI Package 2022

Chilled Semen Fixed Price Package

Chilled semen packages can be performed on the yard but they cannot be used in conjunction with area days. Visit fees will be charged.

1st Cycle - £350+VAT

Subsequent Cycle - £300+VAT

The chilled semen package includes the following:

  • Initial assessment including examination of the external and internal reproductive tract, and ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • Reproductive drugs – a prostaglandin injection and 1 ovulation induction agent to help control the timing of ovulation if necessary
  • Insemination and semen evaluation
  • Associated paperwork
  • Post insemination examinations to check for ovulation and for any uterine infection or pooling of uterine fluid and reproductive treatments to include 1 uterine lavage (1 litre of sterile saline) and oxytocin.
  • Up to 3 pregnancy ultrasound examinations

The chilled semen package does not include the following:

Visit fees – cannot be used in conjunction with area visit days

Sedation – if it is deemed necessary for the safety of the horse and the veterinary surgeon then mares will be sedated for reproductive work

Regumate is not included

Caslicks procedure

Twin squeezing, management and subsequent additional reproductive ultrasound examinations

Endometrial swabbing, biopsies and treatment of any post breeding endometritis

Further insemination cycles if required

Cost of semen and delivery (to be arranged with stallion/stud owner)

Any routine treatments unrelated to breeding

Any reproductive scans in addition to the 3 pregnancy scans following breeding

External Laboratory Fees Including CEM Swabs, Endometrial Swabs and EVA Bloods

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